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Personal Strength: Evolution
Pro-Ana has Evolved.
Ps-Evolution is a Pro Ana/Pro-Ana/  C.R.O.N. CRON Calorie Restriction for Optimum Nutrition resource and forum, seeking to include adult Pro-Ana, Pro Ana, proana, mia, C.O.E. Compulsive Eaters, Compulsive Over Eaters, persons seeking or in recovery from Anorexia nervosa, Bulimics, Binge Eaters, Exercise Bulimics, Ed. Nos, Eating Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified, EDNOS and persons both male and female in our Pro-Ana CRON C.R.O.N. Ana Members message board Forum. Here you can also find a Pro-Ana or Ana bracelet, red bracelet or diet tracker bracelet.
Personal Strength Evolution/ PSE/ PS-E is a privately managed and hosted Pro-Ana/ Pro Ana site, forum and resource for Pro-Ana adults over the age of 18 years only.
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Welcome to the Evolution of Pro- Ana, initiated here at PS-Evolution.com

Our Statement of Intent...

?To provide a safe, welcoming and inclusive resource and forum for freethinking eating disordered or Pro- Ana adults, as well as those seeking recovery from anorexia or eating disorders of all types, and coming from any background or belief.

We are a collective of members sharing a common goal: Learning to understand and control
our own eating habits, and/ or striving to reach/ maintain a low body weight,  without endangering our health.?

This is our definition of true Pro- Ana, or C.R.O.N. (Calorie Restriction for Optimum Nutrition.)
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